Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Charming and Beautiful

Happy Birthday, Magpie!

"Charm is deceptive [deceitful: American Standard Version],
and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord
is to be praised."
Proverbs 31:30

Charm: That which has power to subdue opposition, and gain the affections; that which can please irresistible; that which delights and attracts the heart;

Deceptive: Tending to deceive; having power to mislead, or impress false opinions; as a deceptive countenance or appearance.

Vain: Empty; worthless; having no substance, value or importance.

(Definitions from Noah Webster's 1838 Dictionary)

You probably wonder what the picture of my granddaughter has to do with this passage of Scripture today. Well, it's not only her birthday, but she is a woman (I know, a very little woman), but she will grow up to be one nonetheless, Lord willing. And she is a good example of the point of these verses.

This little gal is charming. Oh my goodness, she can twirl one around her finger without the slightest effort. All the teenage boys at church stand in line for her affections. Those big blue eyes and captivating smile can melt one's heart. Her cute little sashay around the room, or her, "Wook at me!" turns heads every time. She already knows how to use that charm to try to get herself out of trouble. Her charm is deceptive.

Oh, and is she beautiful! Her hair curls around her face, her eyes light up like Christmas trees, and her smile is a million dollar one. She's a beauty alright! Just "wook" at her! It is difficult to see at this point how it has no substance, worth or importance. That certainly is not how the world sees beauty. Magazines don't stop at just putting pictures of beautiful people on their covers; they then airbrush out any physical flaws. Beauty contests don't begin with Miss America; they begin with babies!

"Beauty is vain?"

It seems that this verse has it all wrong. It seems that beauty takes the stage


Sickness enters the body. Beauty can't give cheer or hope. It is useless, worthless in the event of sickness.

One needs counsel. How many times have you looked for a beautiful person when you have sought comfort or counsel?

An accident occurs and mars that beauty. Something else must take over, something deeper and more lasting.

One gets old. It is so easy to see how the fleeting beauty of youth has no real bearing on what is important when old age takes over and the skin sags and the body is no longer attractive. (I am just about there; I should know!)

Wow! How depressing! From my granddaughter's birthday to old age! The good part is, we don't have to rely on charm and beauty to take us through life.

"The woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."

My heartfelt desire for you, my little Magpie, is that you will grow up to be a woman who fears the Lord. Then you will be praised by your husband, your children, and your God. What a delightful child you are, and I pray that you will continue to give your parents delight as they watch you grow into mature womanhood.

As we seek the inner beauty of the heart,


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