Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Mind

"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus"  
Philippians 2:5

The mind is a vessel to be filled with care;
It becomes who I am in kind.
The nature of my heart is recorded there--
An interesting place, the mind.

Like an old-fashioned record or a computer disk,
The things that I see, read and hear
Are etched in the memory; dare I risk
Playing back to the world what is there?

As I sat in my room with the TV on 
And allowed it to invade my deep space
I noticed that all sense of order was gone;
Wrong thinking was taking its place.

I picked up a magazine (just to read the feature),
But the pictures--I confess I did look!
I found myself becoming a mindless creature,
Programmed by that little book.

I closed the magazine and put a CD in;
How could I there go wrong?
My brain slowly recorded those vain words of men--
A defiant, unholy song.

I went to the Bible, the words of the wise, 
God's heart recorded for man.
I began place before my poor eyes
The wisdom of God and His plan.

So I go to God's Word; it's all in the Book.  
Join me in taking the time
To open it up and take a good look
At what we should etch on our mind.

Encouraging you all to read Philippians 2 today,

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Great post! I love the book of Philippians.

We should indeed be so careful what we etch on our minds ... it is indelible. Thanks for sharing this.


i think thats why reading devotions each day is important, to give our minds points to ponder during the day.


This is beautiful - thanks for sharing it! Heather

Linda Stubbs

Thank you Gloria!!!!!!! That could be a prayer!!!!!!!!

Heart you sweet friend, Love you!

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