Sunday, August 21, 2011

10 Memory Builders

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children
are walking in the truth."
3 John 4
(An amen to that, Apostle John!)

I truly believe that memories are a treasure as we grow older.  I'd like to share with you some things that I treasure now that hopefully will be wonderful memories for the grandchildren as they grow old.  I have a few memories of my childhood that I would not part with for anything.  Perhaps that's why, when we grow old and our memory begins to fade, God allows us to retain memories of yesteryear.  And perhaps that's why, too, that I am determined to help them to have wonderful memories of their childhood.  

10 things that I treasure now and hope that they will treasure in the future: 

1. Sharing my protein drink breakfast on the back porch in the mornings with my little 2 year old Maggie Mae .  She always insists on going outside.  Today it rained, so we sat on the covered front stoop. We listen to the birds, watch the fish in the pond, and she "catches" dinosaurs from the trees so that we may pet them. 

2.  Making rag dolls with Rachael, Emma, Lilly, and Abigail.  Some turn out great! 

3.Taking the cousins out two at a time for lunch and a special time.  One day we went to a new fabric store that had just opened.
4.  Watching them get "Mighty Fines" (kisses) from their granddaddy. 

5.  Having them spend the night, even though 4 of them live in my house.  We usually watch an animal show and then read before bedtime. 

6.  Going to church together and watching them sing praises to the Lord, and some of them taking sermon notes. 

7.  Having family lunches together.  We usually borrow the church fellowship hall anymore because there are so many of us. 

8. Celebrating family events together, like birthdays or other special occasions. 

9.  "Adopting" other young folks into our family.  Our Kevin left just yesterday for college.  Boo, hoo! 

10.  Going to their swim meets, recitals, and other events.

I encourage you to make a list of  at least 10 "memory makers" that you are doing with your children or grandchildren. I'd love to hear from you what yours are either by comment or by email.  They will bring you joy just thinking about them!

Have a wonderful, memory-making day,



a good 10 to hear of.

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