Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lilly's birthday cake

I just finished my second cake decorating class, and I must say that I am pretty well pleased with it. There are a few lumps and bumps, but overall it turned out okay! My granddaughter Haley took the class with me, and hers was BEAUTIFUL!

The cake is for my granddaughter
She wanted--guess what--
lilies on her cake!
Since the only lily I know how to do so far is
canna lilies,
she got canna lilies.
I like canna lilies!
(I can't seem to find a proper spelling for this flower!)

With a daisy in the center. I like daisies, too!

To apply fondant on a cake:
First, frost the cake with butter cream icing, as smoothly as possible. Frost top and sides thoroughly.
Fondant can be made, but it is much simpler to buy ready to use fondant.
Knead until soft, then roll out larger than the cake's measurement:
(If cake is 12"x 3", add 12 plus 6" for each side length.)
Roll out fondant more than 18".
Carefully turn out fondant onto cake.
Smooth sides and trim at edges with a blade.
I twisted fondant ropes--roll out long ropes of fondant and twist together-- on the edge of my cake so that it looked more professional(?) [first timer]

Voila! Fondant icing!


Cranberry Morning

What beautiful flowers!! That's a spectacular job. Well done. :-) And it sounds like fun too, especially learning alongside someone else.

Ms. Bake-it

You did a fabulous job Gloria! I have always seen canna lilies spelled just as you have it. I love the daisy in the center of the bow. I love daisies; they are such a cheerful flower!

Enjoy your chicken and pasta this evening!

~ Tracy

The Creative Chickadee

love it!!

The Thrifty Designer

It's so pretty, it seems a shame to eat it! But, if you insist.....


Oh WOW you did great ! Amazing !
Following you now and would love a visit and follow. Happy blog hop.

Design It Chic

This cake is so cute:) You did an awesome job! I just landed on your blog and I am now following you thanks to Wandering Wednesday blog hop and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog:)
And don't forget to check our new Blog Tutorial to learn a few easy tricks to make your blog fabulous and fun. See you there!
Happy Wednesday


Wow- my husband and I considered making our own foundant cake for our wedding (they make it look so easy on tv) but decided to take the easy route- pay someone to make it for us!!! new follower found you on the hop


Those lilies look real! You did a great job.

Anna :)


Oh my, calla lilies are my favorite flower and you did an awesome job with them. Beautiful cake and I bet it tasted yummy!


Yum! I have such s sweet tooth! I'd take a piece of that right now with my evening tea! And it's beautiful!


Your cake turned out beautiful! I love the flowers!


I cannot see any bumps! It looks perfect!

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