Friday, March 11, 2011

Lilly's birthday gift

I just went to the Friday night sew-in site and realized that the sew-in is next Friday rather than this Friday. Since I won't be able to post next Friday, and thinking that this was the week, I am going to go ahead and post what I made today--

Lilly's birthday is Sunday, and my granddaughter Haley
made this adorable skirt out of a men's shirt. So I decided to make one for Lilly. It turned out really cute, and now she has a Tommy Hilfiger skirt, with one for her American girl doll, to boot!

Here's what the shirt looked like when I finished cutting on it.

Lilly's skirt.
Cut off just below the sleeves.
Cut out pocket.
Sew pocket to left side of button enclosure.
Slightly gather upper edge of fabric.
Cut elastic to fit waist.
Sew together.
Stitch elastic to skirt, stretching to fit.
A skirt.
No hemming or buttonholes needed. They're already there!

I had to hem the American Girl skirt, because I cut it from a scrap of the shirt. I also stitched the fabric together just inside the button enclosure so it looks like the big skirt. I put smaller elastic on the little skirt.
So cute, huh?

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend. And don't forget to go to church Sunday. It is so important to worship with other believers.
Thanks for looking at Lilly's skirt!



She's gonna love it!

Cranberry Morning

That sure turned out cute!!! I would have been so scared cutting into that shirt! :-)
Have a blessed weekend.

P.S. Makes me miss my 'little girl' I used to sew American Girl clothes for - to match her doll's clothes.

Linda Stubbs

Now aren't you clever Miss fun is that? I have never seen anything like this done before.......the possibilities are endless! I am so glad I get to come and blog hop a little............10 days off my book that means HOME........everyday..........whoopee can you hear me as I am running around my farm........squealing? Thought so!

I will be calling you today.........hope it works for you!

Hugs and may the Lord bless your day!

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