Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here I Am, Lord

I have a wonderful, beautiful friend named Angie who is confined to a wheelchair for life and to a life of suffering. She is my role model, one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. Her eyes are always lit up, and her smile is endless. She can only talk in a whisper, and many people, including myself at times, have a hard time reading her lips. Yet she shouts praise to the Lord and encouragement to all those around her. She shines bright in the lives of so many.

She sent me this video with John Michael Talbot's song, "Here I Am, Lord." Please take the time to watch it; then call or write or email someone in your life who exemplifies this most wonderful of videos. Journey.exe

Angie, I love you!

Thanks for watching the video,
and thanks for reading my blog.
You are loved!


Cranberry Morning

Thank you, Gloria. That was beautiful! The peace and joy that come from walking in the Kingdom with our Savior is so far above anything the world has to offer, and is REAL - even in a hospital bed, or a wheelchair. Your friend sounds like a such a blessing to all around her!


Beautiful! It describes Angie to a "T".

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