Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Horn of Plenty

The cornucopia, also known as the Horn of Plenty, is a symbol
of prosperity and affluence and dates back to the 5th century BC.

   We give thanks to you, O God;
        we give thanks, for your name is near.
    We recount your wondrous deeds.
    Psalm 75:1

One of the elders at our church always begins his prayer by saying, "Thank you, Lord, for another day of life."  What a wonderful way to begin a time of communion with the Lord!  A time of thanksgiving.  And why are we able to thank Him?  Because His name, His power and glory, is near.  The only reason we have anything at all is because of Him and His mercy, which is rained on both the just and the unjust.  "For He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust."  Matthew 5:45b

Today I want to recount to you only a few of the wondrous deeds He has done for me.  Time and space would not allow me to name them all.  I thank Him:
  • For giving me life
  • For allowing me to born in a nation that allows me to worship freely
  • For giving me the family whom He allowed me to be born into
  • For teaching me about Himself through family and teachers who were committed to rightly dividing His word of truth
  • For allowing me to grow up in a poor family so that I didn't see the need for excess luxury
  • For giving me a godly mate
  • For loaning me 3 wonderful children
  • For using those children to humble me!
  • For 13 grandchildren, the joy of old age
  • For the privilege of knowing Him for most of my lifetime
  • For the blessings of friends who sharpen me as iron sharpens iron
Oh, I could go on all day!  But I don't want to bore anyone with all that God has done for me; I want you to sit down and consider what wondrous deeds He has done for you.  Let's make this a day of thanksgiving.  Our cornucopia is filled to overflowing!

Recounting His wondrous deeds,



God is so good. I fail to acknowledge that daily. Thank you for the reminder!


Reminds me of the Don Moen song, 'I Just Want to Thank You Lord'.
For Living Water, Daily Bread and the air that I breathe.

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