Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Glorious Things Spoken

Zion Gate

   On the holy mount stands the city He founded;
        the LORD loves the gates of Zion
        more than all the dwelling places of Jacob.
    Glorious things of you are spoken,
        O city of God. Selah
Psalm 87:1-3

I try to focus on application without butchering the Scriptures, and I almost skipped this one because I didn't know if I could  find a way to apply it to my life.  But I did, and I will share it with you in hopes that it is meaningful to you, as well.

Glorious, wonderful things are spoken of Jerusalem, the city of God.  Someday He will plant His feet on Mount Zion and call His people home.  Many believe that He will reign there for 1000 years after the Great Tribulation.  There is much focus on this city during the Tribulation, and even now the news cannot stay away from the Promised Land of the Jews.

Who is speaking these glorious things?  Surely it is the Triune God conversing with the holy angels, and perhaps even the saints who have gone before us.  My next thought is, "Are they speaking of me, and if so, what are they saying?"  Are they saying that I am diligent to visit the sick, to provide for the needy, to serve without complaint, to faithfully focus on obeying God's Word, to serve my husband with joy, to pray for and encourage my children and grandchildren in the Lord, to share my faith with those whom He puts in my way?  Do they say that I seek to do the Lord's will in everything?  That I make love for my Savior my motivation in all that I do?  That I do everything as unto God, and not for the applause of man? Is God saying, "This is my beloved daughter in whom I am well pleased?"

Or are the heavens silent?

How can that little passage be so convicting?  If God is to speak glorious things about me, life cannot be all about me.  I pray that my meditations will remain on these thoughts today.  I need them.

Desiring God's pleasure,


Cranberry Morning

Isn't it amazing that, as sinful as we believers still are, God speaks lovingly, possessively, and confidently about the Bride of Christ. It's not His 'hoping we'll make it by our bootstraps,' but He is confident because Christ has claimed us as His own and it is Christ who makes this a done deal.

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