Wednesday, February 15, 2012


But we your people, the sheep of your pasture,
   will give thanks to you forever;
   from generation to generation we will recount your praise. 
Psalm 79:15 
This is yet another Psalm in which the author begs God for vengeance on the enemies of His people.  And yet once again he is giving praise to the Lord, this time as the "sheep" of His pasture.  (Give me a few minutes; I must look up the characteristics of sheep.)

"They are of a gregarious nature...meaning they love to be with the herd. Sheep must have a leader (shepherd) and must be told what to do and where to go, other wise they'll wander off and get lost."

Characteristics of Sheep
1. timid, fearful, easily panicked
2. dumb stupid, gullible
3. very vulnerable to fear, frustration, pests, hunger
4. easily influenced by a leader, by the shepherd
5. stampede easily, vulnerable to mob psychology
6. little or no means of self-defense; can only run
7. easily killed by enemies
8. the shepherd is most effective, calming influence
9. jealous, competitive for dominance
10. have very little discernment
11. perverse, stubborn - will insist on their own way.
 (From Wikipedia)

Oh, my!  No wonder we need a shepherd!  It's amazing that God didn't cause us to speak with "Baas!"  

All I can say is that I relate to those descriptions of the sheep, and I am so grateful for a Shepherd to guide me, and One whom I can praise from generation to generation for His great care and protection and love and patience and understanding..............and more than I can ever write on paper.  Praise the Lord!

Just trailing behind the Shepherd,


Cranberry Morning

No wonder we are referred to as sheep! 'All we like sheep have gone astray.' Praise God that the Shepherd does not kick us off the cliff in frustration, but brings us back.


I had no idea I was so sheepish. Thankful for my trustworthy Shepard.


A lot of sheep have gone a stray. Some of the sheep characteristics do not fit me exactly. Life is hard today.


Ohh, are you sure my picture wasn't with that definition? I'm so glad we have a Shepherd who loves, leads and forgives us.

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