Monday, November 7, 2011

When God Laughs

Why do the nations rage
and the peoples plot in vain?

The kings of the earth set themselves,

and the rulers take counsel together,

against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying,

“Let us burst their bonds apart
and cast away their cords from us.”
He who sits in the heavens laughs;
the Lord holds them in derision.
Then he will speak to them in his wrath,
and terrify them in his fury, saying,
“As for me, I have set my King
on Zion, my holy hill.”
Why do we set ourselves against the Lord?  Why do we want to cast away the cords of love and protection and discipline from us?  And why do we think that we are able to do so?  And what makes God laugh?  I encourage you to finish the reading of Psalm 2. (click here)

Two passages came to mind as I read this passage.  How beautifully God's Word helps us to understand God's Word!  It's all we need!
"God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, 
that he should change his mind. Has he said, 
and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, 
and will he not fulfill it?
Numbers 23:19
God is able to laugh in derision at those who want to break the cords around them, because He is God.  What He says goes.  He will fulfill His vows.

The Psalm also tells us that He has placed His Annointed over the ends of the earth.  Some laugh now, saying that He does not rule the earth, that God's Word has failed to come to fruition.  But Jesus, as He was being seized by the mob, said to them:
 Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, 
and he will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels? 
But how then should the Scriptures be fulfilled, that it must be so? 
Matthew 26:53-54

Indeed, God will have the last laugh.  



Cranberry Morning

Those Scriptures remind us of what a very scary God he is to those who oppose him. And yet we are invited to 'take refuge' in Him, for that same awesome God is gentle and loving and a kind father to all who put their trust in Him.

Heather's Blog-o-rama

Really great post ;) :) You know what? The other day, my aunt and I were driving along the coast (we leave near the ocean). We saw this beautiful rainbow, the day after it had rained. It reminded me of God's promise to never send another flood to destroy the whole earth. ThenI thought about God's promises in general...He keeps His promises. His Word is true...and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that God's Word can explain God's Word :) :)

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