Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If the Foundations are Destroyed, Can the Righteous Stand?

If the foundations are destroyed, 
what can the righteous do?
Psalm 11:3

We live in an unbelievably beautiful, undeniably great and unusually free nation as citizens of the United States of America.  Our constitution has sufficed and has guaranteed us for well over 200 years now the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.  But the liberties that we have so enjoyed are being challenged from the Supreme Court of our land to the Presidency to our lawmakers and judges who think that they have the answers for the "new millennium."  The foundations are being destroyed; we are living in a different good ole' USA than any of us have ever known, and it does not seem to promise to improve for our children.

I read an article in our local newspaper that 45 percent of the public schools in our state failed to meet minimum standards of education. ( ) I have been trying to help a college student learn to write properly--a college student who was in AP English classes.  He cannot write a paper without help!  Is it because he is not smart?  No!  He is an engineering major.  His education just fell very short.  The foundations are being destroyed.

Men and women who merely stand on the street and talk of the Lord Jesus Christ to passersby or pass out gospel tracts have been arrested--for using one of the freedoms that this nation was founded on.  Since when do those who are intolerant to what they deem intolerant have the privilege of calling themselves tolerant?  The foundations are being destroyed, and these are just two of the many ways in which they are.

This could be a very discouraging passage of Scripture if David had no answer to the question.  
Why could he say,

"In the Lord I take refuge."? (verse 1a)  

Because he knew that

The Lord is in His holy temple; 
the Lord's throne is in heaven.
His eyes see,
His eyelids test,
the children of man.
  The Lord tests the righteous,
but His soul hates the wicked
and the one who loves violence.
(verses 4-5)

Therefore we can say with David, 

"For the Lord is righteous; 
He loves righteous deeds; 
the upright shall behold His face.
(verse 7)

As we trust in Him and seek His face,


Cranberry Morning

Such an important message! And it is time we Christians stop being tolerant of ungodliness, ungodly leaders, ungodly legislation and ungodliness in our own lives!

P.S. I couldn't get martyrs out of my mind after reading your other post. I thought of the verse in Hebrews that mentions 'men of whom the world was not worthy.'


good post. our nation definetely needs prayer


We have slowly but surely taken Christianity out of America. It's our fault, we Christians, for not standing firm on our beliefs. For not speaking out. I have failed miserably.

As for the school situation, my sister is an AP English teacher. She's very dedicated, and determined her students learn what they need to know. Her hands are bound by red tape much of the time. She has had to spend so much time on paperwork, and teaching kids how to "take the standardized tests", that she hasn't been able to teach them English. It's a two-edged sword. The tests are needed, but they take away valuable learning time.


i love your post! thanks for sharing... God bless you...

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