Thursday, October 6, 2011

Have Mercy!

"For judgment without mercy is shown to those who have no mercy.  
Mercy triumphs over judgment."
James 2:13

Looks like this poor guy was shown no mercy and could sure use a cup of it.  Everyone and everything  just gave him a difficult time.  Have you ever had a day like that?  Sometimes I feel like I do, but then I try to remember those who are far worse off than I am.  Somehow it helps.

We have two choices, it appears:
1.  We can have no mercy.  We can look at others and see what we deem unfit or unpleasant about them, and we can snub our noses and treat them with contempt.  We can allow our prejudices to guide our treatment of others.  And we will be shown no mercy ourselves.

2.  Or we can pour a cup of cold water into the mouths of the thirsty, feed the hungry, bind the broken, put salve on the wounded, love the unlovely, and show kindness to the unkind.  

Showing mercy to the undeserving is not always an easy task, but it is the right way to live life.  When our pre-judging character interferes, it is not even easy to show mercy on any fellow man who may look different or be in a different social status than we are.

Yet it is so important to God that He tells us that mercy triumphs over judgment.  Want to be shown mercy?

Have mercy!
Mercy me, this is a hard topic!



yes, mercy me. often too judgemental by thinking 'what were they thinking'
to be helpful w/o judgement..the goal

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