Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shame vs Delight

"The rod and reproof give discipline, 
but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother."
Proverbs 29:15
" Discipline your son and he will give you rest; 
he will give delight to your heart."
Proverbs 29:19

It is totally unnecessary to explain these verses and many others like them in the Proverbs.  They are self-explanatory and need no interpretation--only application.  "The rod of education on the seat of learning" is often encouraged in this book of wisdom.  

What a contrast in these two verses!  It seems so obvious what the right choice is.  And yes, as parents a choice must be made, and early on, if we want a child who gives us rest and brings us delight.  And what parent doesn't?

Two things are encouraged in these verses--the rod and reproof.  I believe that one without the other can be very damaging to a child.  We don't spank a child and leave him to wonder what he did wrong.  Neither do we reprove ("cast blame; censure for a fault"--Webster) without proper punishment.  Just yelling at a child only provokes him to anger or discourages him and gives no real guidance.  God has given us wonderful direction; let's take it!  Loving discipline consists of both the rod and reproof.
Children, when your parents correct you on God's terms, remember that their goal is to delight in you as a godly child and someday a godly and obedient man or woman.  Loving and godly parents will correct their children, and someday you will thank them.  Really!
Thanking God for the loving discipline of my parents,

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others will thank you too, if you discipline your child. i can see the difference in kids like daylight n dark between those disciplined and those not. what a joy some kids of all ages are to be around.

Linda Stubbs

Thank you Gloria, words of wisdom. I am sure many of Momma's will glean much from this post. I will read this to my girls.

Thank you sooooo much for signing up! I love it that you are here. We need you! Your digging in the word is a blessing.

I hope you all are not as hot as we are!



Wonderful words of wisdom. Thanks so much for sharing. My children are grown but I have grandchildren here a lot. These are important things to remember!

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