Sunday, June 19, 2011

Marriage and My Children's Father

Today I want to direct you to my friend Judy's post at
There is a poem there that touched my heart.  It said much about marriage. 

        Happy Father's Day, Buster

And speaking of marriage, I want to thank the man of my heart for almost 43 years of marriage and 40 years of parenting together.  He is a godly man, a man dedicated to the bringing up of godly children, and now of being willing counsel for grandchildren.  He is a man who works hard to provide for his family, and a man who worked hard as our children were growing up to give them spiritual insight and understanding.  He is the man I love.

God is good.

I will be away at camp (hooray! No electronics for 5 days) until Saturday.  Have a blessed week, and tell the father of your children, or your own father, Happy Father's Day!




What a great photo!!! You just don't hear folks talking so kindly of their spouses after all those years much. I salute you both!

Cranberry Morning

What a nice tribute to your hubby! What could be better than a man who loves God.

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