Monday, April 18, 2011

Paris in the Spring Tea Party

It's April, and my thoughts always go to Paris, because my first visit there was in April. So what an apropos theme for our tea party this month! We decorated with some Paris-themed decor...

and had a French menu.

And tea, of course! (They love a little tea with their milk and sugar!)

The little girls loved it. And I did, too, because you will notice that I used...
paper plates!

I know that's not very proper, but I couldn't help myself. These were so cute that I was drawn to them like a magnet. And how very Springtime in Paris!

Our theme was gratefulness. The girls mentioned many ways that they were grateful to their moms. Loving them, staying home with them, fixing their hair, fixing their meals, and home schooling them were a few of the things they said they were grateful for.

The craft that they made was a pot and a base decorated with jewels. When all is very dry we will put a plant in it, and they will give it to the moms for Mother's Day.

We do love tea parties!

You should have one soon! Invite little girls. They have more fun!

Here is a recipe for the strawberry tarts:
16 small tart shells (frozen)

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
3 T. cornstarch

3 T. strawberry jello
Whipped topping

Bake tart shells according to directions on package. Set aside to cool. Place sugar, water, and cornstarch in pan and bring to a boil. Sprinkle jello over this and stir till dissolved. Cook until thick and pour into tart shells. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Apply whipped topping to tarts. Enjoy!

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Lavender Cottage

What a fun tea party. I love the butterflies at the beginning of your post.


What a beautiful tea party you are having. It is special to hear about what you all did.


This is such a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing this special time. I love the Paris theme and the food looks delish!

Many blessings


I wish I could have attended. It sounded marvelous. And the food has me drooling. Of course you must tell us the recipe for the lime tarts and for your salads.... *wink*


I'm so hungry looking at all those goodies! I wish I had been there too, you all look like you had an awesome time! Thank you for sharing and for the recipe. I just drop by TTT as well.

Donna Heber

What a beautiful springtime setting! I just love the Paris theme and your French menu. Thank you for sharing.


Fun tea party and I think you are a genius for using paper plates that fit your Paris in Spring Theme! Lovely!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage

What a wonderful party for these young ladies and I love the French theme! I really like your Eiffel Tower with the candle lit in it! Wonderful craft for their moms too. Thank you for sharing your special tea party and I wish you all a very Happy Easter.



Lovely Tea Party.
Have a great Easter.


Such a fun and cute tea party!! I see your tea cup is Moss Rose! I collect Moss Rose!!


Cranberry Morning

You are just amazing!! What a gorgeous menu. And look at all those tea cozy possibilities. (JUST KIDDING. I love the tea pots as they are! So pretty. :-)


What fun! I love the tea pot in the first picture, the one with the gold handle. the crfts look like a ton of fun!


A Paris tea, how fabulous! You have created a wonderful setting. Your tea pots are so pretty and gorgeous tea cups too! The desserts make me want to pop in and join you.

Linda Stubbs

There you go...........turning little girls into fun for them. You are so precious Gloria.........always giving and teaching. Love it!!!

Hugs, me

fitty's pinky rose cottage

all I can say is yumm! i love the croissants! perfect for eastery feast! love it!


You know my crew said it was the "best tea party yes." I think you inspired Abigail to want ot go to Paris for her birthday. I am trying to convince Damon it's the right thing to do. Love you and appreciate you.

Farah Muzaffar

Very happy post Dear.. I came here via Fabby's blog... and happy to be with those sweet little angles... precious they are... So tempting your menu is fab baking items...
I am following you too...
Hope you would like to pay a visit to me at

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee)

Lovely tea party! Fab menu and the Paris theme is gorgeous!
Hope to see you on my blog :)
Good day..



I love the beautiful tea parties you put on for those blessed little girls! One day, hopefully my two beauties will be able to attend one as well <3

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