Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Lesson for the Children--Big and Small!

This is the speed bump in front of our house. Its effectiveness is deceptive in this picture, but it is NOT a good idea to go over it at more than 15 miles per hour. For many years there was no speed bump; we all complained that folks were speeding on our street, and one was put in. A very useless one. I think that people sped up to go over it! (It is incredible to think that people can drive 60 mph on a one block street.)

This winter the road was repaved, and the men began to work on another bump. My not-so-shy husband went out and asked them to put up a more effective one. And boy, did they! Now drivers try to speed over it, and thump! Their cars hit the road with a bang.

So what does that have to do with blogging? My dh and I were having a discussion this morning about the spiritual significance of road bumps and obedience. It seems that just knowing to do what's right doesn't often cause one to do what's right. We may know what God's law says, but our tendency is to disobey until we are stopped somehow. A small road bump may come along, and the first time we encounter it, we might slow down on the track to disobedience. But then we begin to feel like we can plow through that one. It becomes a little easier to just speed up and sin through it than to slow down and obey!

But what a great Constable we serve! The next time we try to speed through disobedience, He may have, unbeknown to us, constructed a bigger bump on the road of sin. This time plowing through it has major consequences.

We have 2 choices: either slow down and listen to the voice of the Master or ignore the warning signs and pay the consequences.

I don't like the idea of paying the consequences. One young man on a motorcycle was badly hurt when he ignored the signs near our house. You know, if we would just obey the law there would be no need for warning signs.

Thanks for reading my musings.


Cranberry Morning

The signs and road bumps are a good analogy for our path of sanctification. Thank you for such a thought-provoking post.

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