Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No garden is as beautiful as one with a baby in it!

Now don't tell me there's a better helper anywhere. I've tried, and I just can't find one! All gardeners need to love to dig in the dirt, and this little gardener truly does!

Each morning we go out to the fish pond and look for the fishies. She looks and looks, and sometimes they are right there at the top, swimming around like they would love to jump into the garden and play with her. Other mornings they are deep in the pond, and she searches with all her might but just can't find them. So we walk around the garden for awhile and then go back inside for breakfast.

We love our garden. It's such a happy place. We sit in the rockers on the porch and admire our work, or we wander and look. The weeds like the garden, too, but not as much as Maggie and I do.

Wouldn't you love to have seen Eden?

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That's one of the cutest gardeners I've ever seen. I just hope she's good at pulling weeds!


I love, love, love your Blog. Such interesting reading, I really mean it! Thanks for sharing with all of us.


Oh, the baby just ADDS to the garden. Love it!

Thanks for linking to RE!


Now that is the cutest gardener around, and the garden is nice too. You are so blessed. Sending blessings your way.... Curtis and Sherrie


How cute! The second picture is awesome. I love that pot tower.


She is just tooooooo sweet!


That is why you have such lovely plants. That is the best gardener around. Nothing more precious than a child, especially their little hands.Thank you for visiting and I will be back. I hopped on your follower list.


I love your garden, and your cute little grandbaby:)


She is absolutely adorable your gardener :)

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