Friday, January 27, 2012

I Don't See Clearly Now, But I Will!

   O kingdoms of the earth, sing to God;
        sing praises to the Lord, 
    to him who rides in the heavens, the ancient heavens;
        behold, he sends out his voice, his mighty voice.
    Ascribe power to God,
        whose majesty is over Israel,
        and whose power is in the skies.
    Awesome is God from his sanctuary;
        the God of Israel—he is the one 
who gives power and strength to his people.
    Blessed be God!
  Psalm 68:32-35 

 What magnificent power and might this psalm exemplifies concerning our Lord!  I dare say that when we who know and love Him enter our eternal home, we will be most ashamed of our very limited understanding of our glorious God and Savior, of our shortsightedness while we have lived on this earth, even though we have had His own Word in our hands.  Though we are told, in our finiteness we do not perceive with clear vision.  Surely, "Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror...(1 Corinthians 13:12aNLT).  Our praise is so limited, so shallow, so seldom lifted up.  Yet there will come a time when "we will see everything with perfect clarity." (1 Corinthians 13:12b)  And when we do, His praise will continually be on our mouths, our knowledge of Him will be complete, and we will UNDERSTAND.

In the meantime, I want my life and my heart to praise Him in its limited ability and restricted cognizance of  Who He is.  I fail miserably, not only in my understanding, but in my carry-through of what I do understand.  Nonetheless, I say PRAISE THE LORD and HALLELUJAH!!! The One who rides the heavens, who sits enthroned, whose power is in the skies, is deserving of my feeble efforts to acknowledge Him. 

Straining to see clearly,


Cranberry Morning

When I read that Psalm about the mighty and powerful God, when I read in Scripture about the LORD of armies, it is such a contrast to the paintings I saw of Jesus when I was a kid - the ones that made Jesus look like a wimpy, begging, pathetic person - not the mighty, powerful ruler of the Universe.

I love these Psalms. And I'm so grateful that God accepts our feeble attempts at praise.


My strength is all from Him. What I do not know or understand, I put my trust in Him. He can tell me later

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