Sunday, January 8, 2012


    With a freewill offering I will sacrifice to you;
        I will give thanks to your name, O LORD, for it is good.
    For He has delivered me from every trouble,
        and my eye has looked in triumph on my enemies.
Psalm 54:6-7 

Although the words "free will" are only used in Scripture to denote a type of offering, or sacrifice to God, it is still very significant.  The psalmist recognized WHO delivered him from the enemies who desired to destroy his life and the trouble that assailed him on seemingly every side.  He knew that it was God and God alone who is capable of saving him.
How often we try to solve our own problems!  How many times we use God as our last resort!  Even in the lesser things of life, it is good to include the Divine Help.  The other day I lost my car keys--my only remote entry and the only key that didn't have a broken top.  I looked every logical and many illogical places, everywhere that I thought they might possibly be.  Finally I resorted to ordering a key and remote online (too cheap to buy from dealer, although it would have cost about the same in the long run.)  When I received them in the mail and realized how much it would end up costing me, I did what every weak, incapable person would do.  I sat down and prayed about those keys, asked my granddaughters who were present to pray with me, and began another search.  Guess what!  Within 10 minutes my granddaughter yelled out, "I found them!"

That is such a small and insignificant thing, and yet my God loves for me to come to Him.  For this I give thanks, and as I give my offering at church this morning, it will be a freewill offering, giving to Him with a heart of thanksgiving. thankful that He delivers me from trouble--big troubles and small troubles.  What a mighty God we serve!  

Don't try to do it on your own.  Let Him help. 
Offering a freewill offering of thanksgiving to my God,



So far, I have never failed to find my keys after praying. I've found countless other things within five to ten minutes after praying. It's an awesome thing!!

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