Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Teaching the Younger Women with a Playroom

"Older women...are to teach what is good, 
and so train the young women to love their husbands and children,
to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, 
and submissive to their own husbands,
that the word of God may not be reviled."  
Titus 2:3a-5

A messy storage room
a fun playroom

Enjoying a rest on the front porch

The dolly that one of the girls made likes the porch, too!

Sorry.  I can't seem to turn it upright!

The "bedroom"

Work area.  A trip to Ikea in Dallas in a couple of weeks should help finish it out.

A chalkboard for working and a place to eat!

Perhaps we should call it a "training room."  We have them for our bodies; why not develop a "training" room of a different sort for young women?  The Scripture says little about training women to be single.  That's not to say that God does not call some to be just that.  He does, and I know some single women who are making a great impact in this world.  My friends Mary the physical therapist, Lesley the missionary to Ivory Coast, Angie my precious disabled blogger friend, and others are "blooming" where God has planted them, and very beautifully, I must say. 

But all in all, I believe that our responsibility as moms and grandmoms is to train the younger women as in Titus 2.  I spent many years teaching younger women in Bible study.  My calling now seems to be with much younger women--my granddaughters, of whom I have a regular class-sized group!  

The playroom is an old storage room which is connected to the house--a safe haven for the little girls.  We aren't quite finished, but it is taking shape.  Hopefully it will be just another means of training them to be the women God has designed them to be--loving, kind, keepers at home, not reviling the Word of God.

You are in my prayers, little ones,

Today I'm joining Linda at Prairie Flower Farm's
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Cranberry Morning

What a beautiful blog post, Gloria! How blessed are those little granddaughters of yours! I can't imagine any little girl who wouldn't love that new play room. What a great 'loft' bed! So fun!!!


Oh, Gloria, what a wonderful idea! Your granddaughters are indeed blessed. Wish I could come up with an unused area to use for this. My hubby and I had talked about building a playhouse for the grandchildren, but our time is so limited. Thank you for sharing this!


What a great idea!!! Thank you for sharing this...and I think you have given me an idea that will take root and grow! Love it!



Beautiful job! Love the owl over the chalkboard! Heather

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