Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I love this!  My beloved husband is not always the most romantic man in the world, but he is a faithful to the end kind of guy, and for that I am eternally grateful.  Our love goes much deeper than just a romantic feeling, but thank the Lord, that's a part of it, too!  What a blessing to have spent 44 years with the same man and to know that our covenant between one another and God is still intact.  I look forward to growing old (er) with him.


Linda Stubbs

You made me cry! Thank you so much for posting this. ADORABLENESS! I too want to grow old forever with my sweet man. Thank you for being an example to me and the others that love you. Wonderful.
Hugs sweet friend, Linda

Heather's Blog-o-rama

This is really sweet, Glria ;) :) I've sen this on Facebook and I justlove it :) :) Oh, I am glad that you anyour husband ar still tgether and looking forward to growing old togethr :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)


Love is not whats on tv and the movies but seen in real life examples like yours.


Wonderful!! Bless you both.

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