Friday, July 8, 2011

At the Crossroads

"On the heights beside the way, 
at the crossroads she [wisdom] takes her stand."
Proverbs 8:2

As I have said before, I am directionally challenged.  Coming to a crossroads can invoke great fear in me, because I have a decision to make.  Without good directions and the assurance that I am going the right way, I can become paralyzed with uncertainty.  Maps and mapquest are wonderful assets to one like me!

Yet now and then maps are confusing.  And mapquest?  It can take you miles out of the way, and sometimes it is just plain wrong.  But there is a road map to life that is never wrong.  How simple would it be just to follow the map without fail, never to get off the path!

There are so many crossroads in life, so many choices that we must make.  Some seem simple, like "What should I wear?  How should I treat that person?  Where should I go?
What should I do today?"  Others are more complex: "What should I do with my life?  Who should I date or marry?"  Some take immediate action.  Mom says, "Clean your room."  Hubby says, "Don't spend anymore money on clothes this month."  Do all of these things have an answer from the Source of Wisdom?  You bet they do!

And each time we have a decision to make, we are at a crossroads in our lives.  We must choose a direction in which to go.  Our choices will be made according to our  road map.  Is it an accurate one, the Word of God, or is a map of our own making?  With one we cannot get lost; with the other we will spend a lifetime turning in the wrong direction.

Take a long look at Proverbs 8.  The choice should be simple.

At a crossroads,



I never thought of decision time as a crossroads. Good post Gloria!! And yes, Mapquest and Google maps are often wrong and take you out of the way!! We are so easily mislead aren't we? We ask everyone except God what to do.
If we study His word, the answers will already be in our heart.


I am horrible with maps and directions. How do people just know what direction they are facing anyway?? I never can figure it out!

I will purposely open up and read Proverbs 8 tonight. Thank you.

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