Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So Pretty

December in Central Florida is my kind of December!
Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving trip
to visit my sister in Titusville and my husband's sister in Tampa.
We took our two oldest granddaughters to Busch Gardens.
Yep! They had a blast.
I just prayed a lot as they rode DANGEROUS ride after ride.
Okay, so maybe they aren't so dangerous,
but the kiddie ride they made me ride frightened me almost to death!
Eat your hearts out if you live in the cold, cold north.
We live in Arkansas, and my husband has said several times that he misses Florida!


Stuck in the lagoon!

Isn't this so pretty?

Love birds!

How do those flamingos stand on those spindly legs?

My brother-in-law grew these on his backyard tree.

The sky in Central Florida on the way to Tampa.

A male and female sand hill crane come to my sister's home every day.
If they don't have food out for them they peck on the window!

The golf course in my sister's backyard.

Another view of the golf course and backyard.

This isn't Florida. It's the sunset from my front yard in Arkansas.
But it's lovely, isn't it?

I do so enjoy God's handiwork, don't you?

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I hope your husband doesn't get any ideas about moving to Florida. Those pictures are fantastic. You really are a great photographer. Thanks for taking my eldest. She has great memories of time with her grandparents and other extended members. Love you, Reb

Happy Cottage Quilter

I LOVE living in Florida. Especially during this time of year :-)



You nailed it with 'eat your heart out' cause
it is freeeesin here!
I am jealous, those pink flamingos would be pink here too but from frostbite!
Happy Holidays!


Beautiful photo's....
That is awesome, the way the cranes come up and get water...love it.


Cranberry Morning

What an amazing Creator we have! Thanks for the beautiful photos!!


Lovely photos. I liked your last photo the best though. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


Beautiful photos...I think that's funny about the cranes..our birds just make racket when it's feeding time!

Cranberry Morning

Yes, I certainly DO enjoy God's handiwork and daily praise Him for letting us live in His world and breathe His air. What a generous, merciful God! I love the photos in this post! What amazing creatures! I loved hearing about the birds pecking on the window. And I love hearing about you wimpy Arkansans (??) who long for Florida weather LOL. Just so your husband feels better about your 'cold' weather in Arkansas, it's supposed to be -20 degrees here on Tuesday and we're getting a huge snowstorm that's moving in tonight. Just think. You could be here to enjoy it with us! LOL Have a great weekend! Thanks for your nice comment on my black and white childhood. :-)

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