Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today is Father's Day, and I'd like to say first of all that I am eternally thankful for the father of my children. I'm grateful for a man who has faithfully sought the principles of Christ. He has made an effort for the past 40 years of fatherhood to be able to say to the children, as the apostle Paul said to his followers, "Follow me as I follow Christ." Happy Father's Day, and I thank God for you, sweetheart!

For the next several days I will be at our church's annual camp. All children 10 and over can go, and this is the event that they look forward to all year. The featured person this year is George Mueller, a great man of prayer and faith. If you have an opportunity, read George Mueller of Bristol. It will change your perspective on prayer and how you get things accomplished for the kingdom of God.

Thanks for the opportunity to express myself and my musings. I'll see you in a few days! If you think of me, pray for our camp that God will do a mighty work in these young people.


Cranberry Morning

What a nice tribute to your husband! God bless you as you work at camp with those young people! See you soon!


You are blessed! Have a great time this week! It takes a special person to lead children.

Cranberry Morning

and when you have a chance to visit my Sunday post, you'll see something there for you! :-)


Wonderful! Thank you for the reminder of the story of George Mueller.
" R e g i n a "


just saw your father's day post. my computer is now working. have a good sunday.

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