Friday, April 30, 2010

The great plan for April--the outdoor tea party.We have such a lovely garden, and we planned simple, sweet and oh-so-pretty table decorations. With the fun tea cups and plates and our pots of "dirt pudding" with flowers, I envisioned a most gorgeous party. Yes, the children were going to think that their grandmother was the most creative ever. I loved it! I could hardly wait for the accolades.........but...............

I ignored the old proverb about April showers, and IT RAINED! Well, not RAINED, but rained........just enough to get everything wet. So we moved the garden tea party inside. It was not what I had planned, but it was what God had planned. All in all, the granddaughters said it was the best one ever. I'd love to think that I'm just getting better and better at hosting tea parties, but I think that the friends who were invited to the special "friends day" helped. We talked about manners, and all but the 3 year old did a pretty good job. She'll learn. And we talked about friendships and how important it is to be a true friend. Here's the result of our friends tea party:

The girls making their craft: friendship paper dolls.
Each girl and her special friend for the day cut out and colored matching paper dolls.

Enjoying the yummy food: The pots of dirt pudding were a big success. So what if they had to eat them inside!

My two tea party helpers: My oldest granddaughters are my best helpers, from making place cards to helping serve the tea to cutting out paper dolls for the little ones.

Have you ever given a tea party for your girls or your granddaughters? It's amazing how quickly they change from little tomboys to pristine young ladies with wonderful manners and a determination to use good etiquette.

Tomorrow is potluck Sunday at church. Wait until you see what we have behind the buildings! I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow.



You are the BEST grandmother ever, and the best mother. The girls have such a great time. Now we need to get Colonel to have a boy fishing weekend with B and B and N. Love you greatly



Tell me that is not Hailey and Avery...No way. They are so grown up and beautiful!

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