Friday, March 16, 2012

That's What I Was Waiting For!

Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, 
always abounding in the work of the Lord,
 knowing that in the Lord 
your labor is not in vain.
1 Corinthians 15:58

The old preacher Vance Havner, famous for his little ditties, once said, 
Whether the weather be fine,  
Whether the weather be not,  
Whether the weather be cold, 
Whether the weather be hot, 
We'll weather the weather 
whatever the weather
                Whether we like it or not!                

Well, it looks like that is what my day is going to be like.  You see, I planned a tea party for the granddaughters today.  An outdoor spring tea party.  A tea party about "new beginnings."  I bought petunias and coleus and primroses.  I planned to set the tables outside on the front porch, surrounded by lovely flowers and the birds singing in the trees, which by the way are turning green with new life.  The sun was going to peek through the clouds to let us know that the spring of new beginnings was on its way, and the 30% chance of rain was going to stay just that.

It's raining.  It's pouring!  It even woke up the old man who was snoring!  (My much-loved hubby.)  I even heard hail.  It looks as if our "new beginnings" tea party is going to be indoors.  If the plants are not so soggy that I can't bring them in I will put them on the table and around the room.  We will have our devotional indoors along with our craft. 

Now I could get really discouraged over this and do what Linus did--find an excuse to bail out (pun intended).  I could postpone until next week (when it might rain again anyway.)  But if this is truly the "work of the Lord," which I pray that it is, then we must press on.  So what is  wrong with 9 little girls running around gleefully in our freshly painted house?  What are a few finger prints in light of eternity?  A little cake icing smeared on our freshly cleaned floors?  A little extra noise when the baby is trying to sleep?  A little rain and mud tracked into the living room?  (If I keep it up, I might bail out!) 

Seriously, though, what does it mean to to be steadfast and immovable?  Steadfast means, " Constant; firm; resolute; not fickle or wavering."  We are to always abound in the work of the Lord.  Therefore, a little trial--or even a big one when one considers "always"--should not stop us from abounding in (giving oneself fully to) the work of the Lord.  God has chosen for some strange reason to use us mere mortal to do His work.  As  believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are the backbone of that work.  Nine granddaughters are dependent on me for encouragement in the Lord, for training in righteousness, for teaching in manners and etiquette, for sharing the love of Christ.  Who is depending on you (besides the Lord Himself?)

So the work must go on, rain or shine!  What a small problem in light of eternity!

Praying that someday I will see the fruit of my labors,


Cranberry Morning

You are so blessed to have those grandchildren near - fingerprints and all. Fun post. :-)


I'm sure you already are. Hoping the party turns out great with eternal rewards


Great Post! Hope the party went well. I would love to hear about the devotional you shared.

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