Monday, January 10, 2011

A Day in the Life of.... :o)

Daily life here in our multi-generational household is full, to say the least. I cannot tell you how much fun I have just being a grandmother to 12 precious children, 4 of whom live in our home, along with their parents. Eight of us maneuver the daily routine of living together, working together,
going nuts together.
(Did I just say that?)

I thought I would chronicle a few activities in the daily life of a home schooling family. As all of my children home school their children, I should be able to do this without making some serious blunders. Here goes:
[and I must say, this is the longest series of pictures I have ever posted. Only the bold of heart will look at the entire post.

Breakfast time.
If you don't see another post from me, it's because my very fashion conscious daughter killed me for putting this out for the world to see.

This day--a rare occurrence, mind you- one of them got up early and wanted to get started on school so that she could finish early.
School before breakfast?

What a good girl fixing her sister's hair! (She really was doing that. It's not just a pose! Okay, it was a little later in the day. My next pictures spill the beans on how they often do schoolwork in their pajamas.

I planned dinner. We still haven't prepared it. Somehow "life" got in the way and we haven't cooked a big meal at home since I planned that meal a couple of days ago. So it's tonight's dinner.

Mom gets the laundry going.
Why do only 8 people make such multi-loads of laundry?
Oh, yes, there are 4 little girls!

Four year old school work.
This one is learning so fast. It's fun to watch her.

Morning nap time for littlest one.
How come it got so quiet in here?
We can hear ourselves think!

Oh, and where do the girls do their school work?

Upstairs on the sofa or coffee table.
I help with math and grammar. I live upstairs with my best friend and hubby.

On the bathroom counter?
Today she did!

On the bed................

On the hearth by the fireplace.............

At the community center for art class....

On the floor learning good work ethics..........

And they start young around here!

Time out! I think I forgot to brush my teeth this morning!

Sitting with "Colonel" at the end of a long day, but ............

Look what they woke up to today!
A great beginning for a new week.
No school today, even for these home schoolers!

Heck, we're in Arkansas. If there's even a prediction for snow, school let's out!

I'm tired!
That wore me out.
Think I'll take a nap.
Uh-oh! Someone is calling my name!

Have a blessed week!

Hopefully I posted this on:
Blue Monday



cute pinks....

have a lovely day.


oops, blue is cute when it goes with pink.
well done.


My daughter has homeschooled her four children; three are now in college, making straight A's. Nothing can beat a one-on-one education if the parent/teacher is dedicated.

Happy 1st Blue Monday!


Pretty busy day for all of you..

Beautiful captures!

Blues in my Kitchen, please come and see.

Kim, USA

A very good chronicle for the day. Great shots! Thanks for sharing!
Blue Monday

Cranberry Morning

What a great post, Gloria! Having homeschooled our children for 21 years, I really enjoyed your photo essay. :-)

Thank you for the prayer request, by the way. I believe my e-mail address is on my blog, so if you ever wish to contact me personally, feel free to do so.

I love it that you help with the kids' homeschooling. And btw, we usually didn't have snow days (or there wouldn't have been school for four months!) but we had 'mental health' days. :-)

The Quintessential Magpie

Gloria, you have such a beautiful family! Loved every picture, and look at that SNOW! WOW!

Happy Blue Monday to you...


Sheila :-)


What a wonderful family you have. There was a time when so many generations all loved together and it worked out fine. So many lovely ladies to snuggle with the Colonel. Happy Blue Monday.

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME!

How blessed you are!
My grandmother lived here with us, in the basement for 7 years, and now she is back in Florida where my mom can take care of her. My Gram was a school teacher, so she helped me, too.
Your grandgirls are oh, so, cute!
I'd bet we'd all have so much fun, too!
I have girls, too!
And 3 sisters of my own.
Arkansas, huh?
That's not TOO far away...
Hugs and blessings, it's so nice to meet you!!!

The Quintessential Magpie

Gloria, I just left your daughter a detailed list of things to do! LOL! Tell her to feel free to email me if she wants to know more. I could tell her all about parking and stuff. I'm down in Central Florida this week and away from St. Augustine. But if I were there, I would tell her to come park in my driveway. As it is, a friend of mine is parking there while we are away. There's lots to see and do, though, and I will be happy to give her my number and/or email her with answers to any questions. It's a fun town for families. I hope the weather holds out.


Sheila :)

Cat & Cricket

Ok.. you are going to heaven and must be a saint! I think I would be insane... but then again.. maybe not! You all look like you are having a ball! You still are a saint though!

Linda Stubbs

Love, love this post!!!!!!! It made my heart smile as I read and looked at the pictures! Very precious. You are a blessed woman........oh but you know that........I am sure our Lord has told you that time and time again!

Thank you for giving me something to think on today........warm thoughts.

Have a wonderful day with all those little sweetpeas! Love you!

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