Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Getaway to the Mountains

There is nothing more relaxing than a couple of nights in the mountains.
The sun rises on a new and invigorating day, a day of putting aside
all the cares of "normal" life.

This was the view from "our" mountaintop at the Mountain Top B&B in Mountain View, Arkansas

Our host and hostess, Ron and Alicia, were most cordial and hospitable. The room was beautiful, and we highly recommend it.

Cody's restaurant in Fifty-Six, Arkansas (yes, that's the name of the town!) had the best coconut cream pie. It's about 10 miles from Mt. View.

There's no place like the Ozark Folk Center for genuine Hillbilly entertainment and retro life. The culture has been well preserved.

A genuine cave man! He said he lived in a cave for a number of years when he first moved here, but he couldn't get a date, so he finally moved.
Really! That's what he said!

The Cobb brothers. Very professional, and home schoolers. I love home schoolers--especially my 12.

Everyone needs to make a stop at Mellons Country Store. It's country! And it's a pretty good variety store, too. Do you like roasted peanuts? Have a few while you're there.

Sylamore Creek

Somebody forgot to be redneck!

Ya'll come back now, ya' hear?

These two rednecks were really disappointed that they didn't get to go. Sorry, girls. Maybe next time!

"From the rising of the sun
to the going down of the same,
the name of the Lord is to be praised."

Psalm 113:3

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Cranberry Morning

I definitely want to stay in a B&B with that gorgeous mountain view!!

Happy Cottage Quilter

What a gorgeous view! Thanks for sharing.



Oh this is a cool place to be in the fall. Mountain View Ak is just beautiful. Staying at a B & B would really be a treat.


My late husband and I visited this area and Branson many times. One of our favorite places. You brought back some great memories.


What a beautiful place, lovely photos. Thanks for the tour.


I think the two hill girlies at the end are great. And the b and b looked wonderful. Glad to see the pics. and Glad it was restful.

The Thrifty Designer

Now those are some cute rednecks....the two at the end that is!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage

What a gorgeous place! I wish I could visit. Looks fun!


Wha gorgeous views.....thanks for the tour. Love that pie....yummmm.
Happy Outdoor Wednesday!!!!



Beautiful photos, totally changed my perception of Arkasas...thanks for sharing!


Your outdoors pictures are so beautiful. Especially the two rednecks...lol....


Oh I love Mountain View!!! You make me want to take a trip! Mellons is awesome and the views are unbelievable. There are so many wonderful shops to browse. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

Cranberry Morning

I still love those mountain view photos!

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There are so many GF recipes I make where my family has no idea they are gluten-free. Stuffing for my turkey, pumpkin pie, both will be GF this year. :-)

Cranberry Morning

Thank you for posting such a thoughtful comment on my 'Vending Machine God' post. As His children, it truly is reassuring, as you said, that he is not bound by our inefficiencies in prayer! What a good thought. I'm so glad you added it. :-)

Together We Save

Wonderful pictures!!

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