Saturday, July 3, 2010

For better or for worse

A granddaughter dancing with a new friend at a wedding

Tonight we will be attending a wedding between one of the young ladies at our church and a young man that she met in college. Weddings are wonderful events, beautiful celebrations of the love between a man and a woman. "Till death do us part," "For better or for worse," "In sickness and in health," "For richer or for poorer." Familiar words spoken oh-so-sincerely in the heat of romance. Unfortunately today more of these fairytale marriages end in divorce than not.
As for this particular couple, godly parents and a loving church family will hold their feet to the fire and encourage them as they set off on a life-long covenant with God and one another.

Yesterday I sat at the table with four young women and listened to their thoughts about "divorce recovery." I was saddened to think that there is a felt need for divorce recovery classes within the church. I fear that this has happened because the church has failed somehow when there are as many or more divorces among Christians as there are among those who do not claim the name of Christ. My prayer is that the church will once again strongly teach men to love their wives as Christ loved the church, to the point of being willing to die for them. And may they teach wives to respect and submit to their husbands, committing themselves to that holy contract of marriage for life. And may they hold them accountable to their vows.


Cranberry Morning

What an excellent post! a loving church family will hold their feet to the fire and encourage them as they set off on a life-long covenant with God and one another. How important that is the the lives of all believers! A thing that is too often neglected. Have a blessed Lord's Day.


It's so unfortunate that women have come to a place where they feel in some way they are "lessened" if they "submit" to their husbands. Not to say I wasn't one of those in my younger days. It took a failed marriage for me to realize that every ship has to have one captain. The wise captain takes into consideration the input of all his crew members, drawing on each of their experience and wisdom; but ultimately the captain has to make the decision on the ships' course. And that same captain, in the case of a bad decision, ensures the safety of all the ships crew and "goes down with the ship" or as you put it, willingly dies for his ships' crew.

Cranberry Morning

Thank you, Gloria, for commenting at Cranberry Morning today. On my sidebar I have a labels section and if you click on 'gluten-free' it will take you to the other posts of my own gluten-free recipes you may also want to pass along to celiac friends and relatives. I'm pretty picky. Things have to taste good and look pretty before they interest me, so I think these meet those requirements. At least I hope so. :-)

And as always, thank you for your encouraging words.

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